Flower Farm

Last weekend we traveled about 45 min outside of Arusha to visit our good friends. They are living on a flower farm more than half way up Mt. Meru (roughly around 9,000ft). We arrived in time to enjoy the afternoon sunshine before hiking up the mountain for a picnic dinner.

The place we were going for the picnic is in the middle of a bean field where apparently just that morning elephants had rummaged through the field feasting on beans…..so we were hoping to see some while there.

We drove until the cars literally could not go any further, and then hiked the last 20 min. It was beautiful! We were at about 10,000ft.

Simone made us all delicious sandwiches for the picnic which were much appreciated  after the hike!

Thankfully we brought extra layers to bundle up because it gets so cold on the mountain. After waiting for about 1-2 hours to see elephants we gave up and hiked back down the car just as the sun was setting. It was stunning.

The rest of the evening was spent scrubbing off all the dirt we were coated in from the drive and hike, and then relaxing by the outdoor fire.

The following morning we had a delicious breakfast prepared by Simone and then went for a tour of the flower green houses.

We headed back to Arusha after lunch.

Here are just a few pictures from the lovely weekend!

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