A Weekend of Sugar Cane

The weekend after our camping trip we attended our friends wedding in the town of Moshi. It was a beautiful ceremony and great reception. Moshi is about an hour away from Arusha and resides at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The wedding itself was at TPC – A Sugar Cane Plantation that grows, processes, packages, and distributes raw sugar throughout Tanzania. This place was absoultely stunning. It was hard to believe we were still in Tanzania!

The plantation is so large they have their own (mini) train system to transport harvested sugar cane from the fields (there are miles of fields!) to the factory for processing. You can smell the sugar in the air.

There are also small villages and schools within the plantation.

Needless to say this place was unbelievable, especially for Tanzania.

TPC has a club house open for daily uses and lodging. There is a 18-hole golf course, a small swimming pool, bike rentals, tennis courts, and delicious food and drinks. This is where the wedding took place.

We had such a good experience at TPC and the wedding that we decided we needed to spend a weekend of our own there.

Colton booked us into the club for the following weekend.

So….our weekend away at TPC was so lovely! We stayed 2 nights in a lovely room with a mini kitchen, air conditioning, and such a nice shower (which is a luxury for me out here!)

Our first afternoon/ evening there we hung out in the “game room” (an open air room with a foosball table and miniature pool table) and enjoyed milkshakes and cocktails. Of course we met and exchanged numbers with several interesting expats that lived in Moshi and were dinning at TPC for the evening.

Enjoying our "dawa".

Enjoying our “dawa”.

Miniature pool is a lot harder than real pool!

Miniature pool is a lot harder than real pool!

Dinner was delicious and filling and dessert was even better (shocker that I enjoyed the dessert more than the actual meal!)

The next morning I was so eager to get on the tennis courts before anyone else (there is only 1 court) that sleeping in was not an option. We woke early and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee on our porch before heading down to the club for breakfast. Fresh passion juice greeted us at the table along with an assortment of fresh fruit.



After indulging in the home-made toast, fresh eggs & fruit, and more coffee we hit the courts.

Loved this weekend!

Loved this weekend!

This was our first time ever playing tennis together. Thankfully we were pretty evenly matched! (although I think overall I won the most games).

We spent lunch laying by the pool and eating pizza, calamari, and milk shakes! Not the best food to eat while wearing a swimsuit but definitely worth it!

I felt a bit awkward walking through and across the club/golf course to the pool in my see-through swim cover....so I improvised with my kikoy :)

I felt a bit awkward walking through and across the club/golf course to the pool in my see-through swim cover….so I improvised with my kikoy 🙂

Once the sun was too far behind the trees to enjoy its rays by the pool we opted for playing a few more rounds of tennis and then a quick bike ride before dinner.

Bike riding around the golf course

Bike riding around the golf course

Dinner (of course) was great. Colton surprised me with a belated anniversary gift. I might have dropped a few hints about this cute bracelet I liked at one of the boutiques in Arusha and (thankfully!) he picked up on them. I have to give him credit though because even without me dropping hints he always does a great job picking out the perfect gifts for me. 

Happy to be away with my husband

Happy to be away with my husband

The next day (our last day), we had to take advantage of the cheap golf rentals and lessons that are offered. Now, we dressed in our best golf attire we owned (which was impressive for not being golfers!). However, despite our best efforts at looking like real golfers, I ended up golfing next to Happy Gilmore! Colton might have not chosen the best shoes for our golf experience.

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore

The lessons were fun and I am now a much better golfer than I was before…which was “worst golfer ever” status.

We finished out time at TPC with a pizza lunch and one last milkshake.

*Sidenote* I’m really not as much as a milkshake addict as it might seem…its difficult to get good milkshakes in Arusha so when the opportunity arrises I take full advantage of it!

It was such a great weekend and we are already planning on when we can go there next.

Here are more pictures from our fun weekend.

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