Back In Action

Wow…it has been entirely too long since my last post. Apologies! In my defense I did warn that keeping up a blog is difficult for me 😉

It has been crazy and busy these last few months…actually year! Way back in October Colton and I did a big road trip down to his childhood home in the Rukwa Valley, partly to visit but also to get away from the city during the presidential elections. Colton’s Dad came to visit in November. I helped organize and manage a 2 day cycling event with the company I work with – (Simone’s company ) 6 Degrees beginning of December. My sister, Rachel, and her friend Katie came to visit us over christmas-so amazing! We ran the Kilimanjaro (half) marathon in February, Moved houses in March, had my friend Katie (yes-a different Katie) and her friend Amanda come visit for a few days in March. I flew back to the US end of March and was there through all of April. Flew back to Africa via Nairobi, Kenya, where Colton picked me up and we proceeded to Naivasha, a town North of Nairobi, for a friends wedding. After a weekend there we drove back to Arusha the 1st of May and started full swing at work the next day. Its been a whirlwind past 8 months but a good one!

I will try to break it down a bit more with separate posts and pics 🙂


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