A Few Months of Living Life

Arriving back from the US to Africa I flew into Nairobi, Kenya (instead of Kilimanjaro, TZ). There were several reasons for this: 1. The plane tickets are literally hundreds of dollars less to fly into Nairobi as opposed to Kili. 2. We were attending a wedding just North of Nairobi a few days after my arrival.


In Naivasha, Kenya  (venue/Lodge for wedding guests) the day after arriving from the US…just a bit tired, but happy to be back with my man.

Colton drove the 6 hours up to Nairobi to pick me up. We stayed the night in town then headed up to the wedding the next day. It was a beautiful wedding with a lot of tradition as it was a marriage between a Kenyan and a Congolese. Lots of singing, dancing, toasts, and laughter.

We drove back to Arusha the day after the wedding and immediately started work the next day. Not much time to get over jet lag!

What is normally considered ‘summer time’ is actually our ‘winter’. Now we don’t get snow or below freezing temperatures, but living below a mountain during winter time does keep the air damp, cool & overcast. Houses out here are built out of cinderblocks and cement so although the actual temperature outside might be high 60’s the houses trap in the cool air. I end up spending most my morning wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and wearing socks so I don’t freeze!


Project I worked on during those ‘freezing’ days at home!

May through June were busy with work. Not too much excitement. Colton’s birthday was the 27th of June. I made him his favorite meals and dessert and (finally) was able to give him all the fun goodies I bought in the US for his birthday.

Colton’s parents and youngest sister arrived the beginning of July. They were moving back to TZ after being in Kenya for 2 years, then the US for 2 years. We had them for a couple of weeks before they went back to their home in the south.


Not the best quality pic but only one I had of all of us!

At the end of July Colton had to make a last minute business trip to the South. I was able to go with him and meet up with his family. I stayed with the family while Colton visited work sites. We were gone for about a week. On our return we stopped and stayed a couple of nights in Mbeya to celebrate our (few days late) 3rd wedding anniversary.


Utengule Coffee Plantation & Lodge – Mbeya, Tanzania. We stayed here to celebrate our anniversary 

Upon returning to Arusha I had one day to plan and organize my friends bridal shower. I held it in our yard and despite the party starting a couple hours late (due to transportation issues) it went great.


Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries & cake pops made from crumbs of cake and leftover raspberry buttercream. Yum!

The day after the bridal shower was spent getting nails done, picking up last minute printing (menus, placemats, programs), helping set up the venue and the rehearsal.

The following day was the wedding. I arrived early to help finish setting up the venue along with the other bridesmaids and friends. The bridal party retreated to a beautiful house to get ready, eat lunch, and take pictures.


The bridal party’s dresses & shoes


The bride & groom’s ‘first look’ before the wedding ceremony

The ceremony itself was short but very sweet. The rest of the evening was full of food, drinks, laughter, speeches, dancing, and special memories.

We left ‘early’ so we could get some sleep and prep for the arrival of my parents the following night…but more on that in a later post!

Here are just a few more pics from the last couple of months.


Date hike with my husband


Lake Duluti. We spent an afternoon here one day with some our friends in a little motor boat. You would never know a huge mountain is looming over us behind those clouds.

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