Adventure Awaits…

From all my posts and social media accounts (ok, I really only have instagram and this blog…and facebook..but who really uses fb anymore?), Im sure it seems like our lives are always full of adventure. Although we do go through quite a bit of adventure living in a rural area of Africa, its not as abundant as my social media accounts make it appear. After all, who wants to see the boring stuff, like organizing movies, cleaning out closets, meal planning, trying to practice my Swahili, or just sitting scrolling through Pinterest?


A typical un-eventful day at our house-working in the garden to harvest strawberries and spinach 🙂

Despite what my intro to this post says…this post is not going to show off the boring stuff. In fact, its just going to highlight a few ‘adventures’ we have gone on over a course of about 3 months.


Sunset at Utengule Coffee Lodge – Mbeya, Tanzania

I’ve had to do quite a bit of traveling without my husband the past few months. That might sound ‘exciting’ or ‘adventurous’, but to be honest, it really wasn’t. haha. I had to travel to the main city of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, to renew my passport. You can’t mail it. I was able to spend a few days at the beach. But thats always a little boring without someone to share it with. The important thing is that I got my passport renewed and finally was able to update my horrible passport pic from highschool!


I was lucky to have a bit of sunshine at the beach while in Dar!

I spent a few weeks with my husbands family while attending a language course. We visited a national game park where we stayed next to a Hippo pond. Hiked a mountain behind our house. Took a weekend away at a coffee lodge. Went to visit some fields with my husband. Checked out an old rainforest near by (that has since been cut down/burned by probably 90% – so its not a rainforest anymore). Harvested some coffee from our backyard and learned how to process and roast it.


Hippos in Katavi National Park – Tanzania. No they aren’t dead! They are staying cool in the mud during the height of the dry season.


Our ‘driveway’. 


Children playing in a sand river – Rukwa Valley, Tanzania. During rainy season this sand river turns into a flashflood zone and swift moving river!

It was a busy 3 months. Lots of time away from each other. But also full of small adventures and quality time together 🙂

More pictures from our ‘adventures’!

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