“Its’ really just a interesting psychological phenomenon…”

Most families have favorite movies they quote over and over again. Eventually, these quotes gain a status within the family that can be used in any situation.

“Its’ really just a interesting psychological phenomenon…”

For my (husband’s) family, this is one of a few!

It might not sound very funny, but for anyone who has seen The God’s Must Be Crazy, you will appreciate this quote! We use this quote so frequently and has been found to come in handy in almost any situation! You will either love it or hate it. But, I say give it a try ;)

And for anyone who has spent a length of time in Africa you will really appreciate the humor in this movie!


Learning how to roast our own coffee!

The month of October was well anticipated for the arrival of my husbands sister and her husband from the States. It had been over 5 years since she had last been ‘home’ – here in Tanzania.


Explaining about importance of growing fruits – Rukwa Valley

The whole month was planned out from them traveling off the beaten path to our home (with the entire family), to lake Nyasa/Malawi for a mini family vacay with my husband (he had to work the remainder of their time in Africa), to exploring the winding streets of Stonetown and the white beaches of Zanzibar.


mini family vacay – Matema, Lake Nyasa/Malawi, Tanzania

After they spent a few days with the whole family at our house, and a quick camping trip, we all traveled to the lake for a couple of nights as mini family vacay (as mentioned).


Dust storm – Rukwa Valley

From there, my husband went back home and I continued with his family for the rest of the month.


Rainy days couldn’t keep us from the beautiful ocean! – Kendwa, Zanzibar

We all missed having my husband with us but that didn’t keep us from a wonderful time traveling across the country!


Waiting for the rain to stop – Kendwa, Zanzibar

More fun pics from our time with my husbands family!

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