Christmas Time is Here…Again

Actually, it ‘was’ here again! Thats what I get for being so behind on my posts! But, this is one of my New Year’s resolutions…so fingers crossed I wont be behind forever!

Christmas this year was wonderful, as always. But, it was also a little busier and faster pace than normal.

Typically, for Christmas, traveling back home to the States, or even to Europe, is out of the question. So we opt for the second best…about a week posted up on a beach on the coast of Tanzania or Zanzibar.


Sunset in Stonetown – Christmas 2016

This year, with Colton’s family settling into a new place, we spent Christmas with them.


Ceremony at our friends wedding – Arusha, TZ

We did manage to squeeze in maybe 2 days at the beach, but not before driving to Arusha for a friends wedding.


Reception at the wedding – full night of dancing and good times!

The wedding was two of our good friends from when we lived in Arusha. It was stunning. Nothing from the wedding was less than picturesque!


The bride and groom leaving the ceremony ๐Ÿ™‚

After a fabulous night of dancing and visiting with friends we headed to the coast. This was mostly to get away and have a mini vacay with just the two of one else. This is somewhat of a rarity out here, but also much needed. One part of Colton’s job is that its always with him. So, even if he spends a 10hr day at the office or in fields, when he gets home there are always people calling or knocking on the door. Its never ending and absolutely draining.


Everything about the wedding was perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

So if we can get even just 2 days alone without interruption we are stoked! (and we don’t even have kids yet!)


Colton and I on a special date night in Dar ๐Ÿ™‚

The coast was great. We got a few days at the beach. A bit of rain. Some necessary shopping, and even a night out watching the new Star Wars in the cinema.


Date night in Dar with a fabulous sunset!

We arrived at Colton’s parents house (about 9hrs drive from the coast) a few days before Christmas.

On Christmas eve we attended a midnight service. It was held in an old stable of a British dairy farm and was beautiful. Colton’s dad gave a brief message to the crowd before singing in Christmas morning with carols.


The stables for the candlelight service – Christmas Eve

Christmas day was relaxing and refreshing just being with family. No obligations or itineraries. We exchanged gifts, ate delicious food, and watched fun tv shows.


Christmas in Iringa – Tanzania

Because Colton’s company was sending some people down to our branch 2 days after Christmas, we had to leave early the day after Christmas. I know i’ve mentioned this drive in previous posts, but nothing like a 12 hour drive leaving at 4am to get you out of the holiday spirit! The relaxing was done.

Thankfully, New Years Eve was over a weekend and we were able to join some friends ‘camping’ at Lake Tanganyika. The only ‘camping’ thing about it was that we cooked our own food over a fire. The rest of it was luxury – even the shared bathrooms for the campsites!


Lake Tanganyikaย 


Old mission ruins on Lake Tanganyika


Old mission ruins on Lake Tanganyika

The holiday season was quick but still full of great memories and cherished moments ๐Ÿ™‚

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