Babies, Graduations, Announcements, Grand Openings…All in a Month’s Time

Back in December, before I was pregnant, we decided that I would go back to the US for my youngest sisters highschool graduation, to see my brother and his wife’s first and brand new baby, and just to spend time with my family.

As the trip got closer, and we found out we were expecting, the discussion came up on ‘how do we make our baby announcement special and unique?’. Well, some members of the family, like Colton’s parents and my parents, we really didn’t have any options. We called his parents and told them over the phone. We face-timed with my parents and shared with them the ultrasound picture (with fingers crossed the internet didn’t cut out on us!).


berry flavored everything as soon as I landed in Europe for my layover. Cant get enough!

Since I wasn’t really showing yet I decided to keep it a secret from the rest of my family and make an announcement in person when I was back. I would be about 4 months along. So thats what I did.

Early May I traveled to Virginia to spend time with my sister who is at university there. I gave her a few fun gifts from Africa then a cute T-shirt  saying ‘BAE – Best Aunt Ever’ and a picture from the ultra sound. She was so excited and in such disbelief. All she could do was express her excitement in such a loud high pitch tone that the girls from her dorm hall came over to see what the commotion was all about!


Beautiful day to finish the end of school (for my sister) + hiking in VA before heading to Tulsa


On our way home to see the rest of the family!

announcement #1: Success.

I spent a few days with her during her finals, helped pack up and move her out of the dorm, met some of her friends, visisted our cousins who live (kind of) near by, then we flew together to Tulsa to see the rest of the family.


Loved the floors of the french crepery my sister took me too in VA

The evening we arrived I announced the pregnancy in a similar way to the rest of my family. Mom had a family dinner gathering so all the siblings, spouses and grandparents were there. I had small gifts for everyone and the same T-shirts for my other 2 sisters along with ultra sound pictures. Everyone was surprised and so excited!


Sisters + baby announcement!

Announcement #2: Success.

During my time in Tulsa I was able to meet the first grand baby, and my first niece – my brother and his wife’s baby. She is so precious and it was so special that I was able to meet her at such a young age in life.


Loved getting to hold and cuddle my little niece 🙂


Perfect Niece 🙂

My youngest sister graduated highschool. I still cant believe it. She is such an amazing woman and I was so emotional during her graduation thinking of how proud I am of her, how beautiful she is and what an amazing bright future she has ahead of her! Again, I felt so blessed that I was able to attend and be apart of such a special and monumental time in her and my families lives.


So proud of her!


Graduation for this beauty!

My other sister and her business partner had the Grand Opening for their bakery. This is a dream come true for her and they had been working on this for a while now. The grand opening was an amazing success! I was so amazed and proud of her. Not that I expected anything less! Originally they were meant to open a month earlier but like most businesses it took a little longer than planned. Somehow it worked out that the opening happened to be during the time I was in town. Again, I was just so blessed that I was able to attend and support such a huge event and milestone in her life!


LBco – best bakery + coffee ever


LaurannaeBakingCo – Best pastries + coffee

*on a side note if I lived there I would literally go to her bakery EVERY day because it is that good! You should go now. Or at least check out their instagram @laurannaebakingco


LaurannaeBakingCo – Best pastries + coffee


Sisters (not twins though!) 🙂

I was also able to meet up with 2 of my longest friends (basically since we were babies!). We haven’t lived in the same town since highschool but its always a special reunion when we are able to meet up again, even for a brief coffee or breakfast. They both have children already so it was extra special being able to share my pregnancy news with them and share in the excitement together about life and families.


Friends reunited in Tulsa from across the world! Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic with my other friend, but we had just as great of a time catching up!

Just spending time with my family, going on breakfast or lunch dates, getting an ultrasound scan with my mom and shopping for maternity clothes with her, kayaking with my sisters and brother-in-law, visiting and getting advice on birth, new borns, cloth diapers, etc from my sister-in-law, numerous sibling hangout parties, hiking a ‘mountain’ with my sisters and cousin to help her train for her hike across Spain, all this is just as important and cherishable to me as all the ‘big’ events.

DCIM101GOPRO Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Kayaking with my sisters and awesome brother-in-law!


Tulsa Mayfest


Mother’s Day brunch


Farmers market with the family


My brother and his famers market booth


Sisters + brother + sister-in-law

Family is forever and I am so thankful for mine and the although-not-too-often yet quality time I am able to spend and soak up with them.


Sisters + Dad (in the background) at something called Rooster Day…who knew that existed? haha!

More pictures from my trip!

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