Living My Best Pregnant Life

The amount of unexpected blessings, luck, coincidences, whatever you want to call it…has been overwhelming to us in the past month. We have been beyond blown away by everything in our lives recently and I just cant seem to find the right words to properly express our gratitude and appreciation for life, family, and friends.

My husband and I finally made the transition from Tanzania to Kenya about 2 weeks ago for the birth of our baby. Not that we had the baby yet – I am in my 38th week now.


Baby Shower – Arusha

We spent a few days in our old town of Arusha visiting friends before crossing the border. While there, our amazing friends threw me a baby shower to celebrate little baby R. It was such a beautiful shower full of lovely ladies, laughter, encouragement, wisdom from other young moms, and just overall perfection. It really had us step back and realize how thankful we are for good friends who celebrate with us and cheer us on as we explore new stages of life.


Baby Shower – Arusha


‘Baby Rabenold’ – Baby Shower – Arusha

Our housing situation in Kenya had originally been a nice house near Colton’s boarding school community. We have good friends that live and work there as Doctors, teachers, and missionaries and its a safe and comfortable environment.


35 Weeks pregnant – Arusha

We planned to stay in a shared house with several other people prior to the birth, and as time approached, we hoped to find something a bit closer to the hospital (this house was about an hour away). The plan was that after the baby was born we would move to a new location while we worked on paperwork and waited. A bit stressful, but thats what we had planned and the only thing that had opened up for us by that point.

Well, we arrived at the house and after staying one night, although a lovely home, we realized this wasn’t actually practical for us to live in as we waited for the baby to arrive.

Colton quickly contacted a small connection through a friend and had a response within the hour. There was an available home just 15 min from the hospital. It was within our budget, available for 2 full months, an entire home with 3 large bedrooms, a safe neighborhood, and several other expectant moms on the same compound!


Our ‘new’ home in Nairobi – so thankful!

Of all the things, and all the planning and contacts we tried to make in the last 3 months leading up to this, with no options until that exact morning…I mean come on. This felt like a miracle.


Bird of Paradise flower at our ‘home’ – Nairobi

We had the car repacked by 8 that morning ready to move. After our scheduled Doctors appointment, we went to see this new house and instantly fell in love. Its far beyond anything we could have ever imagined living in for the 2 months we are here.

Colton and I have our own space for us and the baby, I can actually unpack all my stuff so we’re not living out of suit case, my mom and dad will have their own space, and there is still extra room!

We agreed to rent the house for 2 months, threw all our stuff inside, then had to rush off to our one and only prenatal class. We did a quick shopping spree so the house would have food and internet and returned ‘home’.

We actually have a home to bring our baby back to from the hospital. We don’t have to worry or stress about where we are going to move and stay after the birth.

We are home.


Amazing tree in the yard of our home in Nairobi

My Mom flew in the following evening. She arrived safely and of course came bearing lots of goodies for the baby. I am so happy to have her here with me for such a long period of time. This is such a special time in both our lives and I am so thankful for the sacrifices she has made as a mom for me (and all my siblings) throughout my life and continues to make.

She is a wonderful example of a mother and I am grateful I have her to look up to as I transition into motherhood.

This little baby has not even arrived yet and he/she is already blessed beyond what we could have ever imagined. I wake up every morning being thankful for what we have.


Baby Shower -Arusha

It feels like we went from having nothing, no real plan (and believe me I worked SO hard making sure we had a plan months in advance!), no home for the baby (at least for its first 1-2 months of life), to having more than we could have asked for.

I knew deep down everything would workout in its own perfect way, I just had no idea how or what it looked like.

35 Weeks - 8 Months

35 Weeks – Arusha

The journey is still not over, and we are about to embark on the longest, scariest, and best journey life has to offer. Throughout it all we will always remember to give thanks for our blessings, small and large.

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