London Calling

Last month we had the opportunity to attend a friend's London. How could we say no?? I had never been and Colton had gone once when he was about 10 years old...which doesn't really count. We decided to arrive the the week before the wedding to do all our touristy sight-seeing stuff and end … Continue reading London Calling

Cake & Design

I don't usually share my design work with the public, or promote other businesses on here, but today is a special today because this post is about both, near and dear to my heart...and just in time for the weekend! One of my younger sisters (I have 3), started baking cakes almost 2 years ago … Continue reading Cake & Design

Onwards & Upwards (or South-wards)!

We moved! Actually, we moved back in January. We are still in Tanzania, we've just relocated to the Southern part of the country. To put in perspective from where we lived in takes no less than 2 days of traveling, either by car or plane (after landing there is still 6hrs of driving) to … Continue reading Onwards & Upwards (or South-wards)!