A Few Months of Living Life

Arriving back from the US to Africa I flew into Nairobi, Kenya (instead of Kilimanjaro, TZ). There were several reasons for this: 1. The plane tickets are literally hundreds of dollars less to fly into Nairobi as opposed to Kili. 2. We were attending a wedding just North of Nairobi a few days after my … Continue reading A Few Months of Living Life

Old Friends, New Ventures

March was a pretty full month for us. We moved houses, became first-time pet owners since being married, and my first college room mate and good friend came out to visit for a few days. Moving houses was pretty straight forward. We love the new place, and although it has been several months since moving … Continue reading Old Friends, New Ventures

Crossing the Finish Line

At the beginning of this year we ran into some friends at the gym. After the casual chit-chat they asked if we were running the Kilimanjaro Marathon. Colton and I laughed and said no. I knew quite a few people participating in this event but since we are not runners there was no reason to entertain the … Continue reading Crossing the Finish Line

A Weekend of Sugar Cane

The weekend after our camping trip we attended our friends wedding in the town of Moshi. It was a beautiful ceremony and great reception. Moshi is about an hour away from Arusha and resides at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The wedding itself was at TPC - A Sugar Cane Plantation that grows, processes, packages, … Continue reading A Weekend of Sugar Cane